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A native of Pennsylvania, with my high school and college years spent in and around Harrisonburg, VA, I made my way to Greensboro for grad school in 2010 and have been here ever since. In my early twenties, I started making short narrative films and comedies with my friends. Since then, I realized I wanted to pursue filmmaking more seriously, which is why I ended up at UNC Greensboro where I received my MFA in Film and Video Production.


I have been been filmmaking in and around Greensboro for over ten years, and while personal projects are a passion of mine, weddings and events have become a way to hone my craft and develop my skill. Since 2015, I have become specialized in wedding videography and have filmed dozens of weddings with Mechanical Eye Films. I decided to establish Walker Media so that I could focus on weddings in particular and help to fulfill the expectations of couples looking to have someone artistically capture their special day.


In addition to filmmaking I teach media studies and film production at UNCG and Central Piedmont in North Carolina. I would love to talk with you about your wedding, event, or other video needs and how my company can showcase your event in film.

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